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FBI Cyber Crime Unit

The FBI cyber-crime’s website provides information about common internet crimes and how to protect yourself and your computer from a cyber incident.  In addition, there is an online form to report a cyber incident to the FBI.

Direct Marketing Association

This website provides you the ability to opt-out of receiving junk mail.  Signing up for the opt-out is good for three years and there is a small fee required in order to register.

Guide to Assisting Identity Theft Victims

This publication of the FTC provides information for victims of identity theft and provides sample letters to victims for contacting their banks, credit card companies and other businesses to dispute debts and unauthorized charges.


This website is operated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC),  and provides a step-by-step guide for victims of identity theft.

National Do-Not Call Registry

Signing up for the National Do-Not Call Registry will stop many unwanted telephone calls.  Individuals should be aware that signing up for the Do-Not Call Registry will not stop calls from criminals who disregard the Registry.

New Jersey Consumer Affairs Cyber Safe NJ

Cyber Safe NJ is a website published by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.  The website provides tips on how to protect consumer privacy on the Internet.  In addition, the site has a resource guide and links for consumers who wish to file a Complaint related to a suspected cyber incident.

Nomorobo is another that aims to stop unwanted telemarketing and robocalls.  This service can be beneficial to vulnerable senior citizens who are being victimized by telemarketing callers.


Registering with OptOutPrescreen will stop the sending of unsolicited credit card applications to you.  Beware that the service requires you to input your social security number to register.


Trapcall is a paid service that offers the ability to unmask the phone numbers of blocked calls.

U.S. Postal Service Inspection Service

U.S. Postal Service Inspection Service’s website provides resources for victims of mail fraud and identity theft.  In addition, the site provides an online mechanism to file a Complaint to document a potential mail crime.

Elite Personal Finance – Preventing Identity Theft

This website provides a number of great tips to prevent identity theft.  Tips include backing up the contents of your wallet and using safer payment methods when making purchases online.

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