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Privacy Resources

Outside of my practice, I am passionate about protecting individual privacy rights against emerging technology and the Internet.  While I believe in the power of the Internet, big data and AI to be forces of good, it also important to understand how rapidly evolving technologies can be used and abused to harm personal safety, to sow political discord and to discriminate against Americans based upon their race, sex, education and economic standing. 


Over the past several years, I have advocated for raising awareness for digital literacy and for laws, regulations and protocols that can protect Americans from the downsides of innovation.  I continue to support these causes and to promote necessary reforms to existing laws to improve upon the status quo.  That being said, if you are dealing with or researching an issue involving HIPAA, Address Confidentiality, Cyber Security, Revenge Porn, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Abuse, Identity Theft or Law Enforcement, please find a link to resources below.

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