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Legal Experience

My favorite part of being a lawyer is helping my clients achieve their legal objectives.  Whether it is helping a client navigate the purchase or sale of their home or helping a client launch their entrepreneurship dreams, I take my role as both advocate and counselor very seriously.  As a practitioner, I have been fortunate to work on a diverse array of legal matters, from litigation disputes to business and real estate transactions to guardianship applications.  The primary areas of my practice are described below.

Commercial and Estate Litigation

Over the past several years, I have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of litigation matters, including will challenges, contract and partnership contests, invasion of privacy cases, employment disputes, among others. 

Guardianship Matters

As a result of disability, disease or injury, individuals may be unable to manage their personal and financial affairs.  In such cases, a guardianship may be necessary in order to have someone appointed for the incapacitated person.  I have represented clients who have brought guardianship actions and have been appointed by the courts to represent and advocate for the person alleged to be incapacitated.  My experience extends to contested guardianship cases whereby there is a dispute either over whether the person is incapacitated or over the person who should serve as the incapacitated person’s guardian.

Real Estate

I have represented both buyers and sellers in residential and commercial real estate transactions.  I am fortunate to work with an amazing team of paralegals that help to facilitate the transactions and to make the process from contract to closing as smooth as possible for my clients.  In addition, I represent clients with lease drafting and review and landlord/tenant matters for both owners and tenants.

Wills, Living Wills, Power of Attorneys

I work with persons of all ages, from young parents to older adults, in the preparation of estate related documents, including Wills, Power of Attorneys and Living Wills/Health Care Proxies.  No matter your age or how much money you have, everyone should have these documents. 

A Power of Attorney is important to ensure someone can manage financial matters for you if you are unable to manage them for yourself.  A Medical Power of Attorney allows another person to manage health decisions in the event you are unable.  A Living Will dictates how you would want doctors to deal with life sustaining treatment if you are unconscious and have no meaningful chance of recovery.  Finally, a Will dictates how you would want your assets distributed upon death and who you would want to manage the distribution of such assets. 

Without these documents, loved ones do not have the power to make decisions for you and a judge will likely have to get involved.  Instead of putting your life in the hands of the court, I work with my clients to make sure they have control to make their own decisions.

Business & Non-Profits

I enjoy working with startups, established entrepreneurs and social activists to start and grow businesses and non-profits.  My corporate and transaction related work also includes reviewing and drafting contracts, negotiating employment agreements, ensuring businesses are in regulatory compliance and working with clients on the purchase and sale of businesses.  For a number of clients, I act in a general counsel capacity and I consult and advise in all aspects of the company or non-profit’s legal affairs.  As a litigator, I also represent businesses in contract, partnership and shareholder disputes.

Privacy and Internet Law

I have developed a niche for representing small and mid-sized businesses in dealing with privacy and Internet law related matters.  Representation can include drafting terms of service policies and privacy policies for websites, reviewing a company's compliance for state and Federal law and protecting businesses from defamatory online reviews.  In addition to my work with businesses, I represent individuals in matters involving invasion of privacy, cyber harassment and defamation.  

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